Tournament Rules


Clarkstown Tournament Rules 2016

1. All teams must be registered at the Rockland Community College Field House at least 30 minutes prior to team’s first game with player passes, a filled out roster and a copy each player Medical release form .  Make a right when you enter the field house and go to the registration table.


2. All non participants and spectators will be expected to observe the matches in progress from the second  level balcony.


3. Number of players on field: All ages- 5v5


4. Length of tournament matches is 28 minutes.  Time will not be extended for any match under any circumstances.  Matches start with a starting horn and end with an ending horn. Please move quickly on and off the field since lost time will not be made up.


5. Substitutions are unlimited and may be made when ball is out of play (any stoppage) or on the fly. The player being substituted must leave the field at the player's bench area before substitute enters at same location.


6. The team listed first on the tournament schedule will kick off to begin the match.  A futsal ball will be provided by the tournament. Teams will defend the goal in front on their selected bench.  There is no coin toss. All kickoffs at half-line are indirect.   A kickoff need not be played forward.


7. When the ball goes over the sideline or touches the boundary curtain, play restarts with a kick-in. There are no throw-ins. Players are not allowed to use their hands to push the curtain away in an attempt to save the ball from hitting it.  Any player doing so will result in conceding a free-kick to the opposing team.


8. Goalkeepers cannot punt the ball and there are no goal-kicks. When the ball goes across the goal-line, the goalkeeper must retrieve the ball in hands and once in possession throw it in play from his penalty area within 4 seconds. In case of an infraction, the opposing team will have an indirect kick from a spot approximately one yard outside the penalty area.


9. On a goalkeeper throw, if the ball goes over the half-line without bouncing or touching a player from either team, the other team shall be awarded an indirect kick from half-line. After a save and having taken possession of the ball with his or her hands, the goalkeeper may only become a field player, entitled to kick the ball over the half-line if the goalkeeper places the ball on the ground and touches it twice with his or her feet to a position outside the penalty area. Once the goalkeeper has dropped the ball from his or her hands, the opposition may challenge for the ball once it is on the ground.


10. On a back-pass from a teammate, the goalkeeper cannot use his or her hands. 


11. If the ball strikes the ceiling or any fixture above the field of play, an indirect kick shall be awarded to the opposing team from a central position on the half-line.


12. The ball must be put into play from any restart within 4 seconds. If not, at the referee's discretion, the ball will be given to the opposing team for delay of match (kick-in or free kick to the opposing team, corner kick/goalkeeper throw-in switch).


13. On free kicks, goal keeper throws, corner kicks, kick-ins, penalty kicks and kick-offs, the opposing team must be 4 yards away from ball.


14. The goal area and penalty area are the same area.


15. All free kicks are indirect, with the exception of handballs. Penal fouls inside the penalty area still result in a penalty kick taken from a mark on the top of the penalty area.


16. Coaches and players are responsible before the games to insure that players are properly equipped (socks over shin guards, etc.) and that players are not wearing anything dangerous (for example: jewelry, long pants on field player, hard casts). For any equipment issue please bring the matter to the attention of the tournament officials at check in.  Tournament official/referee decision is final on those issues.


17. Any player receiving a yellow card must serve a 2 minute penalty requiring the team to play short for a full 2 minute period.  Even if the opposing team scores, the full 2 minute penalty must be served.


18. A player who is red carded is automatically ejected from remainder of the match and the offending player’s team plays short for the duration of the match.


19. Each team should bring 2 sets of jerseys or have pinneys available in the event of a color conflict.  The team listed first on the tournament schedule will change uniforms.


20. There is no off-side rule.


21. When a team is down by a 5 goal margin in a match, they may add an extra player onto the field until there is a 4 goal margin and at that point go back to even sides.


22. Standings:  Each win is 3 points; each tie is one point. Forfeit will count as 4-0 win. Goal differential will only be awarded up to four goals per match.


23. If a tie needs to be broken for final round matches, the tie will be broken as follows: (1) head to head; (2) goal differential to maximum of 4 per match; (3) least amount of goals allowed (max of 4 per match); (4) coin toss.

  • 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 Way Tie: (1) goal differential to maximum of 4 per match;  (2) least amount of goals allowed (max of 4 per match); (3) coin toss to find position or to eliminate one team. Once teams are eliminated to leave two remaining teams the tie break procedure reverts back to (1) head to head; (2) goal differential to maximum of 4 per match; (3) least amount of goals allowed (max of 4 per match); (4) coin toss for the remaining two teams.
  • Sudden death penalty kick: 1 shooter from each team until the tie is broken.  If a semi-final or final match ends in a draw this method of breaking the tie will be used.  The referee will use a coin toss to determine who kicks first.


24. NO CLEATS. Rubber-soled or turf shoes only.


25. Sliding, whether to tackle or to play the ball anywhere on the field, is prohibited.  Shoulder charges and excessive physical play are also prohibited and will result in either an indirect kick or direct kick depending on the location of the foul and at the discretion of the referee. Indoor soccer and outdoor soccer are two different models that demand distinct, and format-appropriate rules. As players are expected to operate in tight quarters and under continuous pressure, referees will err on the side of safety and reward technical proficiency. As with any foul, advantage can be awarded at the discretion of the referee. Sliding is a difficult call for the referee so don’t leave your feet (not to score, save a goal, never)!


26. Referee calls are final and not subject to change. Tournament Director will not reverse any referee’s call.


27. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players and fans. Only coaches and players on the playing surface. Disruptive behavior may result in a team yellow card or a coach red card expulsion from the match, tournament and/or facility.  A coach that is red carded is automatically ejected from the tournament and is not allowed on the playing surface while his team is playing.