Player Development

Clarkstown Soccer Club Player Development

At Clarkstown Soccer Club our players will learn principles both on and off the field.  The players education will focus on each of the 5 pillars:

Technical ♦ Tactical ♦ Physical ♦ Mental ♦ Social

Our sole focus is not on winning and losing when players are in the younger age brackets.  Instead, the focus is on player development and the "on field brand".  The "on field brand" is how our players play.  As coaches we promote expansive football, by encouraging our players to receive the ball, so they can pass, so they can move, and learn patience in their build up.  The foundation is always hard work and the player’s ability to express themselves. 


Our 3 training phases are an important component of our development system.  This system has been devised by our Technical Director Kevin Grogan. 

                             Phase 1:  Train to train (U8-U12)

                             Phase 2:  Train to compete (U13-U15)

                             Phase 3:  Train to win (U16-Adult)


The philosophy stems from our coaches helping the players use the 5 pillars through each phase.