FC Clarkstown - Alumni

Below is a list of players that played for FC Clarkstown throughout the years and what schools they attended to continued their love of the game.   If you are not listed and would like to be posted please send an email to



Players Name

Position  School
Chris Relihan   Iona College
Christopher Montera   Dominican College
Evelyn Nicinski   Bucknell University
Matt Montera   Widener University
Valentino Grishaj
 M Manhattan College
Daniel Nicinski GK Sacred heart University
Manish Amin M/D Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
Artan Balaj   Dominican College
Matt Beckley M/F College of the Holy Cross
Vinny Costa M/F Drew University
Ricky Gonzalez   College of Mount Saint Vincent
Kyle Hoffer F Oneonta State / St John’s University
Matt Kinsley   Fairleigh Dickenson University
Tim McLaughlin   Gettysburg College
Michael Ferber   The College of New Jersey
Ben Meyerson   Babson College
Joe O’Shea GK Siena College
Martin Paljusevic   Rockland Community College
Kevin Peters   Emerson College
Connor Walsh   Iona College
Jeanette Gibson GK St. Thomas Aquinas College
Katheryn Moore M Manhattanville College
Megan Staropoli M Western Connecticut State University
Amanda Arcuri F Syracuse University
Stephanie Kormanick M Jacksonville University
Suzie Peters F Catholic University
Kali Schwartz M UMBC
Dan Dunn M Cortland State College
Thomas Haslacher   St. Thomas Aquinas College
Sean Hoffer M Oneonta State College
Joseph Messina D Oneonta State College
James Peters M Stevens Institute of Technology
John Simone F/M Oneonta State College
Andrew Vallari M St. Thomas Aquinas College
Meghan Moroni M University of Vermont
Sherif Hassan D Dominican College
Tim O’Connor M St. Thomas Aquinas College
Hugo Osorio D/M Virginia Commonwealth University
Tom Rolston D/M Dominican College
Adam Schweitzer D Hofstra University
Evan Vislocky D Rockland Community College
Vanna Capparelli M Fairleigh Dickinson University
Anne Drames M Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
Emily Moore M Binghamton University
Caitlin Moroni M Northeastern University
Rosey Mustafa M Binghamton University
James De Piero M/F University of Vermont
Anthony DiMuccio F Oneonta State College
Peter Drames M Concordia College
Peter Kiggins D Dominican College
Geza Teleky M Albany State University
Chris Walther D/M Trinity College