Former Clarkstown Soccer Club Player Evelyn Nicinski (#10), Polish National Team Player

Former Clarkstown Soccer Club Player Evelyn Nicinski (#10), Polish National Team Player

Evelyn Nicinski is currently playing professional soccer for  FC Lübars in Berlin, Germany. Evelyn is also a Center Midfielder for the Polish National Team with over 20 caps thus far.

Evelyn played youth soccer for Clarkstown Soccer Club and was coached by Danny Samimi during her years at the club. When asked about her time with Clarkstown Soccer Club Evelyn said, "I think In terms of experience I  developed a good base at Clarkstown. I was young but I remember it was when I moved into my central midfield position which is the position I still play to this day and I learned various tactical and technical skills."

  Q&A with Evelyn Nicinski:

1.  Question: What advice do you have for the young girls of Clarkstown Soccer Club that want to have a career in soccer?

     Answer (Evelyn): " I would tell the girls of Clarkstown Soccer Club to follow their dreams no matter what, and to know that nothing is out of reach! I tore my ACL last year during my senior season at Bucknell and that easily could have been the end of my soccer career but I knew In my heart I wanted to continue playing soccer and to play professionally so I worked hard to get back to achieve my dreams! It's not always easy and sometimes you hit bumps in the road and have to make sacrifices but in the end I promise it's worth it when you achieve your dreams. I would also tell them to thank their parents for all they do, I would never be where I am now without my parents always driving me hours on end to practices and games and always being my biggest support system!" 

2.  Question: At what age did you realize that you wanted to become a professional soccer player?
     Answer (Evelyn): "In my 5th grade yearbook I wrote that I wanted to become a professional soccer player when i grew up because it was my biggest passion in life at the time! Since then I would always flip back to that page in my yearbook and realize that soccer was still my biggest passion in my life and that I would love to pursue a career in soccer. But while it was always a dream of mine To become a pro soccer player I I don't think I really seriously considered that I could actually become a professional soccer player until I was probably 18 or later. Throughout college though I think is when I realized how much I had fallen in love with the sport and truly pursuing a career was something I wanted to do."

All of us at Clarkstown Soccer Club  want to wish Evelyn all the best with her professional career !