Colleen Farrell...Next Gen USA Player of the Week



This week’s Next Gen USA’s Player of The Week goes to Colleen Farrell! The center midfielder from Clarkstown Soccer Club has been pushing herself both on and off of the field within the program. With her favorite player being Tobin Heath, Farrell shows the right attitude better herself.

“I like to prove people wrong,” said Farrell. “If someone says I can't do something I use that as motivation to prove them wrong. Next Gen gives me an opportunity to train with players I haven't played with before and it expands my soccer knowledge. The character of champions helps me focus on one concept on and off the field.”

Training tips from Colleen: “I like to do the 30/30/30 workout. It's helps with endurance, do 30 seconds of sprinting, 30 seconds of jogging & 30 seconds of walking. Repeat this 2-3 times. You will immediately see improvement.”

Thanks Colleen for the tips and congratulations again on winning the player of the week!